Kleinburg Parking Strategy Review
Virtual Public Information and Feedback Session 2

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Kleinburg Parking Strategy

Virtual Public Information and Feedback Session 2

The City of Vaughan is working to develop a parking management strategy that will help address parking needs in Kleinburg Village. Kleinburg is one of Vaughan’s premiere commercial neighbourhoods with a charming residential community at its core, and a rich and varied history. It is also a destination for thousands of visitors. Limited public parking is recognized as a significant challenge.

The City of Vaughan retained McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers to undertake a study to review and assess parking requirements in Kleinburg. The study is in second phase and the community is invited to participate in the process and provide input.


The village is home to more than 60 retail and service businesses, as well as schools, libraries and art galleries. Parking in this area has become a barrier for growth due to limited public parking, increasing population, and visitor demand. The Kleinburg Parking Strategy will explore opportunities to accommodate immediate and long-term needs for parking in the area through a comprehensive, forward-looking strategy. The strategy will assess the current parking conditions, recommend implementable parking management solutions, and identify sustainable sources of funding financing alternatives.

The project team completed Phase 1 of the Study with the goal to establish a baseline understanding of parking supply and demand and to consult the public and stakeholders. Starting in late August 2019, several parking surveys of existing on-street, off-street, and bicycle parking (both publicly-owned and private) were undertaken.

The project is now in the final stage of Phase 2, which includes exploring solutions to assess potential parking management systems for the short, medium, and long-term. Funding and legal mechanisms will also be reviewed to implement the Strategy. Phase 2 includes an opportunity for consultation and engagement with members of the public.


Public consultation is vital to the success of this Study. We want to ensure that anyone interested in this Study has the opportunity to get involved and provide input. Whether a resident, business owner, working professional or occasional visitor, your experience with parking in the area is important and will help inform the recommendations.


The City will be collecting the community's feedback on Phase 2 of the Kleinburg Parking Strategy through a virtual Open House. The virtual Open House will be available starting June 8, 2020.

The City continues to encourage all those interested in the Study to provide feedback and ideas by June 22, 2020, by submitting a feedback form available here.

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